Thursday, September 1, 2011

Peter Cartwright

This autobiography starts out by giving a little background information such as where he was born, when he was born, and some things about his parents.  This background information really helped me understand the rest of Peter's autobiography. 
Peter mentions moving to Kentucky shortly after the colonies gained their independance but he also says that Kentucky was a dangerous place.  Kentucky was surrounded by indians and a lot of bloody battles were fought in this new state.  Not to mention that a lot of criminals would flee to this state to escape being punished for their crimes.  Then peter mentions meeting Jacob Lurton, a traveling preacher.  Peter's mom seemed to be very religious since she rearly missed one of Lurtons classes.  Later on Peter talks about a paticular night when he reflected on the manner in which he spent his day.  He felt ashamed and guilty.  Peter made a promise to the lord that he would seek and serve him and thats what he did.  He jonined the church in june of 1801 and says that he never regrets it.  Most of this autobiography talks about the religious revivial that started in 1799.  The amount of traveling preachers and members of the church grows esponentially. 

If you compare this to today's life, I think we are moving in the opposite direction.  Less and less people are joining the church. 

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