Monday, September 26, 2011

Huck Finn

In class we talked about Huck Finn today.  I remember reading this book in High school.  This is a wounderful comeing of age story.  The main charaters are Huck, Tom, and Jim.  Huck is a 13 year old boy who comes from a poor, broken family. Also Huck's dad is a drunk who disappears for months at a time.  Tom is Huck's best friend who comes from a well off family. Tom see's the world differently than Huck.  He reads a lot of adventure books and wants to experiance that kind of adventure first hand.  Jim is a slave who accompanies Huck on his travels. 

The first part of this novel I want to talk about is how jim kinda becomes that father figure to Huck.  As the story progresses Jim shows that he cares for huck and vice versa.  Huck actually lies to slave hunters about an outbreak of small pox to save Jim. Also they both are running away to gain freedom so they have something in common. 

I noticed as the story progressed that Huck seemed to learn how the world really works.  Since he is only 13 years old he only knows what he has been told by other people.  Huck learns that black people are not like what others have told him.  Also Huck started making his own rules for how the world works. 

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