Sunday, September 11, 2011

Emerson (after class)

After our class discussion on Emerson a lot of ethical questions came up.  If you and a few friends are trapted on an island with no food.  Is cannobolism ok? how could you choose who's eaten and who lives?
To me cannobolism is never ok.  I would die rather than kill and eat another person.  I wouldent be able to live with myself if I ate another person anyway. 

Are humans inhearitly evil or good?  that was the second question that come up in our discussion.  I believe that humans are born with a blank slate.  Babies don't know how to hurt someone or lie or do anything really.  How could they be evil?  I think we, as humans, learn from what we are exposed to on TV or at school and society has a lot to do with shaping our behavior.

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