Sunday, September 4, 2011

Anti federalist paper vs. Federalist paper

In the Beginning of the Anti-federalist papers the importance of this decision about a constitution is expressed.  The papers states "this country never saw so critical a period in their political concerns."  the first concern the paper talks about is the distrubution of power. Basically the paper says that once a person has power they don't give it up willingly so be careful about how you distrubute that power.  After going into details about the constitution and how the power is distributed between the judicial, legislative, and executive branch this paper says that the constitution should not be adopted for several reasons.  I think one of the reasons why America should not adopt the constitution is because the author says it will destroy liberty. 

The Federalist paper number 51 is all about the checks and balances system of government.  This paper mentions two considerations that are important to this idea of one republic.  First, power given to the government is divided into distinct and separate departments of the government.  Also it mentions double security to the rights of the people because one government could keep the other section government in line through checks and balances.  Second, guard one part of society from the crimes of another. 

I have to admit I had a hard time understanding the language of this paper so I have many questions about the middle paragraphs.  There were multiple sentences where I had to read over and over. 

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  1. ok - Were any of your questions not answered in class?