Sunday, September 11, 2011

Walt Whitman

The first section of this poem states that he is 37 years old in good health and wants to celebrate his life until he dies.  In section two I think Whitman is introducing the idea of individualism. When he says "Houses and rooms are full of perfumes". I think he is talking about other people and how he is determined to maintain his individuality.  I was really confused about section 6 of this poem when a child asks the question "What is the grass"?  the author never gives a real answer or I missed it while reading.  How does that question relate to this poem at all?  In the next few sections the author lists all that the poet sees.  For example: both sexes, animals, all ages.  In different walks of life the poet sees them.  What does he mean by sees?

This poem was really confusing.  It reminds me of emerson a little because they both speak of individualism.

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