Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Venture Smith

The opening paragraph of this narritive caught my attention because of how it leaves you asking questions.  I wanted to know what was gonna happen to Venture Smith and his mom.  It was a very good opening in my opinion.  The next paragraph I was kinda confused because I could not understand why Venture Smith's mom would leave her son with a stranger.  Even if the stranger was a rich farmer how can you trust him.  After Smith's mom leaves Smith was put in charge of tending sheep.  Smith starts to recall a time when he was attacked by a dog which lacerated his arm pretty bad.  Then his biological father sent for him to return home where he is reunited with his mom and dad.  A few days later invaders had come to destroy their land unless Smith's dad follow the invaders orders.  As it turns out the invaders where not very honerable and planned on attacking anyway. Later on, after Smith and his village was captured, Smith watched someone get tortured to death by the invaders but I'm not sure who it was.  I think it was the king because they spoke of money.  Smith was forced to do work by these invaders that caused him a lot of pain.  Needless to say he was a slave.  Once Smith was sold, his new master employed him carding wool and other household business.  Smith had been living with his master now for about 13 years.  Smith was about 20 years old and he got married to another slave named meg.  Smith's current master pawned him to a guy named Daniel Edwards who used Smith as a cup bearer and waiter.  the next couple paragraphs were hard for me to understand.  I could not figure out who bought or sold Smith. 

The ending of the narative shows that Smith, age 69, finally earned his freedom and lives very well off. 

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  1. Good summary, but where are your thoughts and questions? Try to limit your summary to more general statements, and use your specific details from the text to ask questions or to support opinions. What did you find most interesting in this reading? What, if anything, did it remind you of?

    Remember to ask the questions you do have in class!