Monday, August 29, 2011

Benjamin Franklin

The autobiography of Benjamin Franklin was very interesting at times and boring at others.  The first four paragraphs were the most boring to me but I did learn a few things I did not know like Benjamin Franklin wrote this for his son.  I was surprised to read that Benjamin Franklin thanked god for the happiness of his past life.  I never really thought about wheather or not Benjamin Franklin was a religious man. 

In chapter two Benjamin Franklin seems to be far from home for two reason; the baker did not understand the expression "three penny loaf" and while he was walking past the door of Mr. Read, Benjamin Franklin says " she, standing at the door, saw me, and thought I made, as I certainly did, a most awkward, ridiculous appearance".  Once Benjamin Franklin changed his clothing he started making some friends with people that love to read.  I did not fully understand why Benjamin Franklin was trying to forget Bosten or the entire 8th paragraph of chapter two honestly.

Chapter 6 talks a lot about virtues such as order, silence, sincerity, and justice.  Benjamin Franklin list 13 total virtues in this chapter.  Benjamin Franklin tried to acquire all of these traits and he explains his plan on how to do so.

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