Wednesday, October 12, 2011

T.S Eliot- wasteland

The Wasteland by T.S Eliot was by far the most difficult poem I have ever tried to read. The first time I read through it I had no idea what to blog about. It was obvious that this poem is very dark, almost depression and I can understand that since WWI had just ended when this was published. This poem is so chaotic I can't keep up.

After our class discussion I learned a lot and somewhat understood Eliots writing. The purpose of this poem was to get the reader to have a sence of chaos. Eliot was a existentialism which means the study of your own existence. He wants the reader to question there own existence.

I was confused about all of the sexual episodes Eliot wrote about. Why would he write these things? I guess it did give us a sence of American life. For example: line 140 when the two low class girls were talking about not having teeth or getting an aborstion. You can see that the duty of a women back then was to look good for her man and have children.

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