Monday, October 17, 2011

Countee Cullen poems after class

After discussing both of these poems in class I discovered that I completely misunderstood what Cullen was saying.

In "yet do I Marvel" the beginning of the poem should show that cullen has doubt in god. the words that Cullen choose tells you this. Cullens ideas are very suddle. The author also compares being a black poet to eternal torture. I don't fully understand why but it was mentioned in class. If someone could explain that to me I'd appreciate it.

The poem "heritage" starts out by Cullen questioning what Africa looks like. Cullen says "3 generations removed" in the first stanza which should be a clue. This poem does remind me a lot of t.s Eliot because the poem gave me a sence of absurdity and chaos.

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  1. I think Cullen felt like he was in torture simply because he was a black poet during this time period. Because he was black, his audience was automatically limited to other blacks because no white men or women wanted to read a black person's work (is society still like this today?) Because he was a black writer, Cullen felt as though he could not fully express his feelings but he was destined by God to keep trying anyway. Through people misunderstanding him to having people not even read his work, Cullen felt tortured with no hope for peace in the future.