Sunday, October 23, 2011

O'conner- good man is hard to find

In this short story an escaped convict Murdurs a family because of a lot of mistakes by the grandmother. The escaped convict in this story is called "misfit". I'm guessing it's because he doesent really fit in with society but I could be wrong. The way the "misfit" talks its obvious that he is uneducated. Why does the grandmother blurt out the "misfits" real name? That has got to be the biggest mistake she made. What was the point of the grandmother hiding the cat from everyone? Baily drove off the road because the cat scared him. The detour the grandmother says to take lead everyone to there graves. As you can see I think the grandmother is pretty dumb.


  1. What did you get from today's discussion? What were O'Connor's intentions?

  2. I agree-the grandmother in this story was very manipulative and always had her wants as a priority. I also agree that the Misfit doesn't fit in with society and he is definitely uneducated which can be seen through his dialect and through his discussion of the "papers" that put him in jail.