Friday, October 28, 2011

Harrison after class

In class we talked about how much control should the government have. This writing made me think about what kind of rules the government has put in place to promote total equality. Is that even possiable? Do we want total equality? I think it is not possiable because everyone is different. I may be more athletic than some people but there is always someone else who is faster or stronger than me. The quote that we talked about "everyone makes the team" is a bad thing in my opinion. If everyone gets a metal for participating then what's the point of working hard to win. Treating everyone equal kills the desire to workhard and goes against what being an American is all about. America is suppose to be the land of oppertunity. In todays society they tell you if you work hard you will be successful and achieve your goals. But does the government really believe that? I don't think they do. Look at our educational system.

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