Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Hemingway- short happy life of Macomber

This story is based on these main characters: Macomber, Margot and Wilson Macomber and his wife are trying to rekindle there marriage by going on a African safari. This story reminded me of the last story we read because both characters had a moment of clarity. Hemingway protrays Margot as a necessary evil. She is cruel, unfaithful, and possible murderous. Why does Macomber put up with her. The only question I have is did Margot want to kill Macomber?


  1. I think Margot did intend to kill Macomber. This is evident when Wilson is comparing American women to beasts that are always on the prowl for prey and in the actual shooting scene when the line-up is described. Macomber was shot from behind which suggests that there was no room for error. If Margot did intend to kill Macomber, she could do so very easily.

  2. Maybe she just has terrible aim. I guess in the end it doesent matter if she meant to kill him or not. He is dead. She has to live with that.