Thursday, October 27, 2011

Harrison Bergerson by Kurt Vonnegut jr.

This story was extremly interesting to read in my opinion.  the first paragraph caught my attention when I read that everybody looked the same and no one was smarter than anyone else.  In this story Harrison represents the part of america that still wants trys hard, flaunt his talents, and show what he can do.  I imagine I'd do the same if I was a 7 foot tall, 14 year old with unbelievable strength.  However, the america of 2081 is not a pleasent place to flaunt your talents.  The government tries everything to knock Harrison down like making him wear headphones to so he can't think, glasses so he can't see, 300 pounds of metal to weigh him down.  Not even jail time can stop Harrison because his will to live as a full human being is too strong.  Harrison wants to overthrow the government and live free.  He plans on fathering many superior children. When Harrison was dancing and managed to defy gravit by jumping 30 feet to the ceiling, where he kisses her.  I think the author is trying to say that Harrison is kinda like a sexual superman.  Before Harrison can overthrow the government he is murdured which shows that anyone brave enough to show off there talents and be different will not be allowed to live or have kids. 

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  1. I really enjoyed this story as well. It reminded me a lot of Feed. I agree that Harrison represents the part of America that wants to be independent of government influence and control. Harrison just wants to be his own person without "equality" weighing him down.