Thursday, November 10, 2011

 Louise Erdrich “The Red Convertible”

This short story was not one of my favorites. It's a narrative by Lyman, who is a member of the Chippewa tribe. The story takes place in 1974. Lyman and his brother buy a red convertible and decide to drive around the world with no specific place in mind. They come across a hitchhiker who is heading to her home in Alaska. They all share some good times together before Henery, the older brother, Has to report for his military duties.

The main theme I got from this story was brotherhood. It's clear that both brothers have a close relationship with each other and there actions prove it. Before Henery left for the war he wanted to give Lyman the red convertible.

Since this story is from Lyman's point of view, why would he want to share this story? I think it's because he Cared for his brother. Maybe he wants to Perserve his brothers memory.


  1. I think he might also be making a statement about society- that war destroys people if not literally, their minds. There is no way for them to come back as "normal." They are forever changed and not necessarily for the better.

  2. I'd agree with that. My Uncle and grandfather have both been to war and They have never spoken about it. I'm sure there are Many people that have family members in the same situation