Thursday, November 3, 2011

 Donald Barthelme “The School”

This is the weirdest story I've ever read. Everything from parents to puppies to salamanders all died and I don't know why. The end of the story when the class ask the teacher to make love with Helen, I did not see that coming. But afterwards a gerbil walked in so maybe the idea is that showing love can create life. If someone undrstands this story please feel free to tell me.


  1. Also I want to know the significance of the strike? It was mentioned in the beginning I think.

  2. I think this story is trying to highlight how relationships with people are the only things that really add meaning to life and fulfill people. You cannot count on circumstances around you because life has a way of messing those up too. The children in the story are looking for something to grab onto and understand because they are frightened by all this death that surrounds them. They understand love because they are human and I think see meaning and timelessness in it.