Monday, November 28, 2011

Feed- after class

During class, in our discussion groups, we discussed the themes within this book such as conformity, education, alienation/ isolation and many more.

Alienation/isolation was a very important theme seen in "Feed". The way people talk to each other is a good example. The dialect used by the characters shows that they have a hard time communicating. The feed implanted in there brain Controls there thoughts and feelings so when the hacker sets Titus free he does not know how to tell violet how he feels.

Education was also a big theme. It goes with government control. The feed in there brain does everything for them so writing and reading books are not a necessity in this society. Dumb people are easier to control.


  1. I really liked Feed and how it made me reexamine the society that surrounds me. I also really liked how this book made me rethink what the true definition of education and intelligence is. I hope our society never reaches the point that Feed did where no one is thinking for themselves and is simply going with the flow not having true connection with anyone else around them.

  2. Ya I agree. I enjoyed this book because it made me think about our society and how they are similar. I do think our society is becoming like feed's society. Hopefully we won't reach that point but with all the advanced technology and advertising, it's a real possibility.