Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Feed- M.T. Anderson

this story takes place in the future, within a society just like our own in many ways.  There society is dominated by advertisments and technology telling people to buy, buy and buy.  Wheather they need anything or not is irrelavaunt.  Our society and Feed's society is consumer based.  Advertisments run constantly on the T.V, Newspaper, internet, magazines, ect.  telling people to spend money.  The only difference is that in our society we don't have a chip implanted in our brains when we are born so the government can't monitor our thoughts and force us to do anything.  We still have a choice to get away from technology.  It's kinda scary how much our society resembles "Feed's". 

In my opinion we should get away from technology more often.  We depend on technology so much its unbelievable.  When I'm walking to class I see more people with their head buried in a phone then actually paying attention to where they are going. Whats the point of having a beautiful, clean campus.  I admit, I like to check emails or text while walking from place to place but we are too dependent on techology and we need to fix that.  Try leaving your cell phone at home one day and pay attention to all the things you have forgotten about. 

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