Thursday, December 8, 2011

exam final study guide part 1

This posts is a review for the final exam:

T.S Eliot- The Waste Land-  Major theme: alienation/isolation, chaos/absuridty, Multiple sexual encounters, and death.  Very depressing poem.  this poem was written during a time of war.

Line 345-350- Chaos/absurdity- "
If there were water
And no rock

If there were rock

And also water

And water

A spring

alienation/isolation- line 140-170- A man is coming home from war and he gave his wife money to fix her teeth but she spent the money on an aborsion instead.  This is a married women hanging out in a bar at night.  This section tells you that a womans job back then was to look good for her man.

 "What you get married for if you don’t want children?"  this quote tells me that women were only meant to have children and nothing else.

T.S Eliot-The love song of Alfred J Prufrock- themes: mental health of society, enviornment,
this was written during the industrial revolution and this time period was suppose to be a great time in american history.  Eliot tells us otherwise.  Line 15-22, Eliot talks about yellow smoke rubbing the windows and slides along the streets.  The yellow smoke is pollution in his society. 

Countee Colleen- Heritage- Conformity is a big theme- Colleen starts out by questioning what africa looks like.  She says "three generations removed" which tells me that she has never been to Africa but her heritage is from Africa.  Colleen is caught between two cultures.  the culture she lives in currently is forcing her to conform and go against her african heritage. 

Line 16-20- Colleen is saying that she this culture she lives in was forced upon her and she feels trapted in a net.  Her African heritage is pulsing in her blood. 
"With the dark blood damned within
Like great pulsing tides of wine
That, I fear, must burst the fine
channels of the chafing net
Where they surge and foam and fret".

Countee Colleen- Yet Do I Marvel- Colleen expresses doubt in god for making him black and a poet.  Look at the end of the poem.

"What awful brain compels His awful hand.  
Yet do I marvel at this curious thing:   
To make a poet black, and bid him sing!"
Colleen uses the word "awful" to describe his brain and hand. 

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